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I’m really really bored, someone kik me: Lapinbitch

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Anonymous said: Who are you and why are you perfect

Awwwww you’ll make me blush

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A New Crown by me

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Anyone fancy a virtual hug?

He’s my friend, follow him °u°

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m-warner said: I love your blog and I think you gory photos are very inspiring and artistic so cool ^_^

Thank youuuu °3°


lapiin is seriously my fav blog on tumblr. he seems so sweet and I’ve been following him for like two years or so.

I am so so so happy, can I hug you? 

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I don’t even know what they deleted, but even though I have never promoted self-harm, it’s nice to see that Tumblr cares and tries to help. 

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I got a black hat like the Coven witches C:<

Après moi, le déluge

I just made a new blog, I’ll be posting old mansions and classical music. If you know anything similar I can reblog from, let me know.

I just made a permanent tinychat room °u°